In this article we will inform you about 9 important reasons that make SizeGenetics penis extender better than all other male enhancement options available in the marketplace.

* SizeGenetics has earned the backing of medical professionals throughout the world – Doctors throughout the world are increasingly prescribing the regular use of SizeGenetics penis extender for treatment of erectile dysfunction, banana type erection and micro penis. This is only because of the fact that SizeGenetics has already delivered great results in such health conditions.

* SizeGenetics is free of weights and pumps usage – Penis pumps and penis weights have been in use for a long time now and have somewhat become obsolete in the light of new age penis enlargement devices. SizeGenetics does not require their usage for delivering its results.

* It doesn’t depend on patches and penis pills – Unlike other types of penis enhancement products which depend on the regular use of patches and penis pills, SizeGenetics penis extender does not require their usage. Although many patches and penis pills claim to have been created with all natural ingredients, there are still high chances of negative side effects resulting from them.

* SizeGenetics is medical type I device – A medical type I device is one which has been found to have lowest amount of risk for human body. Only a handful of penis stretchers available in the marketplace have obtained such classification and SizeGenetics is one of them.

* SizeGenetics has passed various tests in studies – As mentioned in the point above, for a device to be graded as medical type I device it must pass various tests and studies. Since size Cineplex has obtained this classification, it can be safely assumed that it has passed all such clinical tests for proving its safety.

* SizeGenetics is comparatively cheaper than other types of penis enlargement products - Other than being cheaper in comparison to penile surgery, SizeGenetics penis extender is cost-effective in comparison to patches and penis pills as well.

* Very cost-effective in comparison to penis enlargement surgery – Penis enlargementsurgeries can cost anywhere around $10,000 and more and have many long-term negative side effects. On the other hand SizeGenetics penis extender is a non-invasive means of enhancing one’s penis size and hence is relatively safer in comparison to surgery. What more, it is much cheaper too!

* GQ magazine and John Ross have also provided their own SizeGenetics reviews – We’re sure that you must be aware of GQ magazine and John Ross. Both of them are media entities which have a lot of credibility in the industry. Both GQ magazine and John Ross endorse the regular use of SizeGenetics for undergoing safe and effective male enhancement. This speaks a lot about the credibility of SizeGenetics as well.

* Comprehensive 180 days money back guarantee – SizeGenetics penis extender comes with a comprehensive 180 days money back guarantee which provides the user with a transparent and risk-free arrangement to try the penis extender. It also shows the confidence of the manufacturer in its product.

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Wow, now that thing is finally off my penis, I feel like having shed a lot of weight from down there! I’m no longer required to wear the SizeGeneticspenis extender anymore. What a relief that now I will finally be able to sleep on my stomach once again! My wife will no longer be teasing me about my penis gadget. What is even better is that I can now make her feel the results and get down to business-as-normal once again! Although I used to have sexual intercourse during the past six months, the feeling now will is altogether different.

To tell you the exact results, I gained 1.5 inches in length and around 0.7 inches in girth during the last six months with regular use of SizeGenetics extender. I am pretty happy with what I have now and do not want to enlarge my penis anymore. The results have been quite satisfying and I can feel it from the expression on my wife’s face!

I have also stopped taking the penis enlargement pills and am slowly getting off the regular penis exercises as well. All in all, I feel that I have accomplished a lot in terms of penis enlargement and feel very glad that I gave it a shot! It was definitely worth the $300 that I invested in it!

My personal experience

There came a time around the third month when I got completely fed up of wearing the SizeGenetics penis extender every day and performing the enlargement exercises day in and day out. It got sort of monotonous and since the results were taking their own sweet time to come by, I was growing impatient by the day. Now, after a period of six months I feel that even though the results were not that apparent on a daily basis, there is considerable difference in penis size from the time that I started. If anyone had told me six months ago that I will definitely gain 1.5 inches in erect length and close to 1 inch in girth, I would have never had any doubts.

My final comments

I would never recommend SizeGenetics penis extender to anyone who doesn’t have enough patience to last at least six months time period. You must be prepared that the penis enlargement process doesn’t happen overnight and takes its own natural time. Anyone who promises you penis gains overnight is either cheating you out rightly or is providing with you a very risky product. Despite not having seen great results in the first three months, I could clearly notice that my penis was becoming more meaty every day. All in all, I am very happy with SizeGenetics extender and the e-mail support provided by the manufacturers.

I have gained a new-found confidence and that smile doesn’t go off my face ever now! The feeling of holding that big penis in my hand is something inexplicable and empowering. Go ahead, you can feel that too!

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Genetics has a lot to do with an individual’s hair color, facial features, color of eyes, height and many other significant physical characteristics. A man’s penis size is no different and just as other physical characteristics it is also determined by genetics. For many men, it means that they might be naturally gifted with a huge penis size. On the other hand, men who aren’t that lucky, often end up in depression with small penis sizes and by becoming the target of insults and jokes of their peers. Such men with small penis sizes are often ridiculed by men and women, especially in places where they have to wear bare minimum clothing, for example in swimming pool, thereby exposing their shortcoming to others. This directly results in loss of self-esteem and in many cases resulting in chronic depression.

The primary reason why a small penis size can have such huge impact on an individual’s mental health is because people in society have always viewed the penis size as a mark of masculinity. In case of most of the men, a large penis size directly translates into the level of their masculinity.

Whenever you measure your penis size, there are two main aspects that must be taken into consideration. First is the length of the penis in both flaccid and erect state and the penile girth in flaccid and erect state.

Only a minor percentage of male population throughout the world is blessed with both length and girth considerably bigger than others. For others who are not endowed with such good penis sizes, they can take help from the recent advancements in the fields of biology and science, leading to the creation of certain penis enlargement devices which can be used to effectively enhance ones penis size safely and naturally.

We carried out a comprehensive study on many such penis enlargement products and discovered that SizeGenetics penis extender is the only one that is backed by comprehensive clinical studies proving both the efficacy and safety of the product. Regular use of SizeGenetics penis extender along with performance of certain penis enlargement exercises can provide you with phenomenal gains in both length and girth over a period of time.

What more, enhancement of penis size with the SizeGenetics extender is a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t even require a doctor’s prescription! The SizeGenetics penis extender works on the principle of traction which implies that when continuous pressure is put on to the penile shaft, it results in natural multiplication of cells inside it, thereby resulting in gradual penis enlargement.

In case of SizeGenetics penis extender, you will be required to wear the extender for a minimum time period of six hours every day continuously for at least six months. The best results can be obtained by complementing such daily penis extension with regular practice of certain penis exercises at least couple of days per week. Information related to these penis exercises comes free of cost with every order of SizeGenetics penis extender. Apart from providing significant gains in length and girth of the penis, you will also experience better control over ejaculations and stronger erections.
So go ahead and try SizeGenetics penis extender now!

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Male enhancement products and other related goods have somewhat become necessary commodities for a large number of men nowadays. However, it is important that you exercise great caution while using such products. Not many of them deliver the life-changing and fantastic results that they promise. Having spent a lot of time in this industry, we have found that the SizeGenetics penis extender scores over all its counterparts in the male enhancement industry. It is one of the safest and most effective penis extender to add both length and girth to the penis size.

Many male enhancement products are available in the form of pills which must be taken many times during the day. Other types of penis enlargement devices make it necessary that you wear them throughout the day to get the desired results. SizeGenetics, on the other hand, is a complete package which comes with all the desired components that make safe and comfortable penis enlargement possible. In brief, it comes with the actual enlargement device, free of cost penis health exercise program, free subscription to online penis enhancement resources and many more beneficial components.

Furthermore, SizeGenetics has obtained the medical type I device classification to prove its credibility in the marketplace. All you need to do is wear SizeGenetics penis extender for at least six hours per day for a minimum period of 5 to 6 months. As a result, you will achieve bigger penis size, improved ejaculation control and frequent and harder erections. So what differentiates SizeGenetics penis extender from other enlargement products available in the market? It is its commitment to deliver safe and highly effective penis enlargement device to all men wanting to undergo penis enhancement.

The present economic crisis has engulfed all the nations of the world today. It has made it necessary for everyone to exercise frugality in all aspects of daily life. As a result, purchase of penis enhancement devices have become a luxury than necessity. This is the precise reason why SizeGenetics manufacturers keep providing regular discount codes to their prospective customers. Many people who have used other fake penis enhancement products earlier can take benefit of such discount offers and give penis enhancement another shot.

So, how do you think that SizeGenetics extender discount code works? It is quite simple to say the least. You will get a straight away $50 discount at the time of purchasing SizeGenetics extender from its official website. Apart from benefiting from the discount code, you can also take advantage of free of cost shipping of the penis extender offered by the manufacturer. The manufacturer understands the dilemma of many men with regard to the social perception about usage of such devices and hence they dispatch the extender in a highly discreet packing to maintain confidentiality of the purchase.

The discount code/s offered by SizeGenetics is not one of the kinds for which you will have to wait for weeks or months to apply on your order. You can use them right at the time of purchase to reduce the bill amount at the point of payment gateway. Apart from taking advantage of the discount code/s, you can also benefit from the comprehensive six-month money back guarantee to ensure that SizeGenetics extender delivers the result that it promises.

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Are you among the 80% male population of the world which feels that it could do with some addition to its penis size? Two of the most popular methods of undergoing penis enlargement are penis enhancement surgery and the regular use of a reliable penis extender. Coming to reliable penis extender, we have found SizeGenetics to be the best one available in the marketplace today. Let us compare SizeGenetics penis extender with the conventional penis enlargement surgery.

Results – So, we know that penile surgery is very expensive, but it must definitely be worth its price? Well, the irony is that it is not! It is not uncommon that a regular penis enlargement surgery may go completely wrong and cause severe lifelong damage to the male reproductive organ. In fact, more than two thirds of all the men who undergo penis enlargement surgery are not satisfied with its results. What is even more horrifying is that many individuals become impotent and/or end up with a deformed penis post the penile surgery. On the other hand, the results obtained from regular use of SizeGenetics penis extender have been clinically proven and medically backed by various establishments and health professionals. The best part is that SizeGenetics penis extender is non-invasive in nature and provides sure-shot penis enlargement without causing any danger to the male reproductive organ.

Risks involved – Penis enlargement surgery is considered to be the most risky method of undergoing penis enhancement. Any damage caused during surgery is irreversible in nature and the patient has no option but to live with it for the rest of his life. Furthermore, anyone suffering from certain health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart illnesses etc. is not eligible to undergo penis surgery. In case of SizeGenetics penis extender, anyone can enlarge his penis size in a completely guaranteed arrangement. All one needs to do is use the extender exactly as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Cost – The cost of a normal penis enlargement surgery can set you back by over $10,000, which is a considerable amount even for wealthiest of men. A penile surgical procedure usualyinvolves treatment by expert doctors, in which you might even be administered anesthesia. In comparison, SizeGenetics penis extender costs around $200-$300 which is quite less than any invasive penile treatment. What more, it is effective and free from any negative side effects as well.

Money back security – As explained in one of the points above, penis enlargement surgery costs a huge amount and does not guarantee any results. In the event that the surgery is unsuccessful, the patient cannot claim back the spent money. So, not only one might end up with a deformed and/or potentially impotent reproductive organ, he may have to pay several thousands of dollars for it as well. SizeGenetics penis extender comes with a comprehensive six-month many back guarantee, thereby providing the user with a flexible and risk-free arrangement to try the penis extender and obtain results from its use. You can always claim your money back in case you don’t achieve the desired results.

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